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We Can Eat Butter Again!


Researchers out of McMaster University have found that we can all eat our butter. They have found that butter and other saturated fats are not, I repeat NOT, associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, or diabetes. On the contrary those butter imposters that are made from oils do have an increased risk. These industrial trans fats, like those in margarine, actually carry a 34% increased risk of death. So keep in mind that saturated fats, like butter, come from natural resources like animals and industrial trans fats do not. Further proof to keep your ingredients natural and simple.

Joe the Slugger


Question: Joe the Slugger. He’s a hero for the Mudfield Hens. He’s been kidnapped from the Mudfield Hens by the Gotham Bullies. The Gotham Bullies have taken Joe the Slugger to a secret location where they think he will never be found, but Joe has a secret transmitter and if he can describe where he is he can be rescued. He knows he’s surrounded by snow and ice in a cabin, but where? He’s completely stumped until the first time he uses the toilet. After he flushes the toilet he knows exactly where he is and he was rescued. Where was he?

A Little Heat is a Good Thing


A study looked into the modulation of aging and longevity by mild heat stress. They exposed human tissue to mild pulses of heat and found that the mild heat shock and duress kept the anti-aging proteins and cellular protective mechanisms in place longer by preventing protein damage. In short, hitting the sauna, or if you’re in the south like us just going outside, may help your body age better.

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