#1046 : Show- The Psychology of Good Health with Ronald Smith

The Staying Young Show

Show Topic: “The Psychology of Good Health with Ronald Smith”

Co-Hosts:  Judy Gaman, Mark Anderson

Guest: Professor Ronald Smith

 Segment 1:

  • An important part of taking ownership of your own health is to stop playing the victim card. (open discussion)
  • How psychology affects your health


Suicide rates are on the rise.  The World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people commit suicide yearly.  It is also the second leading cause of death in people ages 15 to 29.  New research out of University of Utah suggests that genetics may play a role in suicide risk.  Researchers were able to examine the genetics of 1,300 DNA samples of people who lost their lives to suicide.  Using this information, they were able to localize four genetic variants and 207 genes that influence suicide risk.  This research could pave the way for better treatment options for suicidal thoughts and tendencies.  Talk to your doctor if you or a loved one are battling suicidal thoughts. More info

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Coming up, our special guest Ronald Smith.    

Segment 2:

Today’s focus is on taking ownership on your own health.  Our special guest, Ronald Smith will be joining us shortly. 

Immortal minute

Ron is an experienced sociology professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. He is skilled in student development, research, and adult education.  He was recently a political analyst on mid-term election night for ABC affiliate KAVU-TV in Victoria, TX.

 -It seems like we are taught from an early age to either rise above challenges or stay a victim.  Do you think family life can play a role in this?

-How can playing the “blame game” or “poor me” card become dangerous?

-Do you believe that social media can exacerbate the victim mentality mindset?

Segment 3:

We have Professor Ronald Smith on our show today discussing the psychology of good health and wellness. 

-What are some ways our listeners can break free from a victim mentality mindset?

-Tell us about a time you faced major challenges and circumstances.  What was the key to your success?

In 2013, I was homeless sleeping out of my truck. I was looking for full-time work as a college professor working multiple jobs part-time with little income. It was a low point in my life. However, I continued to stay positive although I felt miserable mostly and my circumstances started to change.

I eventually moved back into an apartment and shortly after I received a full-time teaching job in upstate New York, which I ultimately parlayed into a full-time teaching job back home in Texas closer to family.

So, in a few years I went from basically being homeless to having a full-time professor job, being on television as a political commentator and doing a radio show with prominent figures. If I would have wallowed in my misfortunes and maintained a (victim mentality) then perhaps I wouldn’t have had the motivation to continue through with reaching my goals.


Segment 4:

 Medical Mania Trivia – Chris

  1. What color is blood before it hits the surface? A. Red B. Green C. Blue D. Orange (A: A. Red, it is only blue when there is a lack of oxygen)
  2. True or false. The hip is a ball and socket joint.  (A: True)
  3. White blood cells help to fight off _________. (A: Infections)
  4. The top layer of the skin is also known as the what? A. Endodermis B. Epidermis C. Dermatitis D. Dermatoga (A: B. Epidermis)
  5. True or false. You do not burn calories while you sleep.   (A: False)


LAST WEEKS RIDDLE WAS: You are awoken to the sound of your doorbell at 7:00am.  It’s your parents showing up for an early breakfast.  You have milk, jam, eggs, and butter in your fridge.  What do you open first? Answer: The door

This week’s riddle: What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

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