#1045 : Show- How to Fight Holiday Stress with Judith Orloff, MD

The Staying Young Show

Show Topic: How to Fight Holiday Stress

Co-Hosts:  Judy Gaman, Mark Anderson

Guest: Judith Orloff, MD

Segment 1:

Today we are discussing the different ways to combat holiday stress.

  • What makes the holidays so stressful?
  • Share stories


Speaking of stress.  Are you shrinking your brain?  Turns out, high levels of stress can shrink your brain.  That’s because stress causes the body to secrete a hormone called cortisol.  High levels of cortisol have been linked to heart disease, depression, hypertension, and obesity.  It can also lead to decreased grey matter in the brain.  If you are overstressed, get moving.  Even a quick walk around the block can give your mind the clarity it needs to sort through stressors.  It’s also important to sleep and eat well.  Both will give you the physical energy your body needs to fight off rising cortisol levels.  Talk to your doctor if you are worried about your stress levels.  Learn More

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Stay Young America.com Facebook (Stay Young Media Group), website (Stayyoungamerica.com, and iTunes, call us 844-well 100 Follow us on Twitter @StayYoungMedia. Coming up, our special guest Judith Orloff.  We will be discussing ways to combat holiday stress. 

Segment 2:

Today’s focus is on holiday stress. Judith Orloff author of The Empaths Survival Guide will be joining us today. 

Immortal minute

Judith Orloff, MD, is a NY Times bestselling author of The Empath’s Survival Guide. She is also on the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition and energy medicine, and spirituality. She specializes in treating empaths and sensitive people, and teaches skills for embracing the empath’s gifts and how to avoid taking on other people’s stress.

  • Stress and anxiety are high during the holiday season. How can we identify the symptoms of absorbing other people’s stress and emotions — such as panic attacks, depression, exhaustion and physical ailments that defy medical diagnoses?
  • How can we tell other people’s feelings from our own so that we don’t take on negativity that doesn’t belong to us?
  • What are some ways to avoid allowing narcissists and other energy vampires that may be sitting across the table from us impact our mood?

Coming up  – more ways to fight holiday stress with our special guest, Judith Orloff.

Segment 3:

  • What role does visualization plays in self-protection? — including inhaling calm, exhaling negativity
  • What is the best way to find positive, nurturing aspects of the holidays to give your attention to instead
  • What are some strategies our listeners can use to prevent the “emotional” hangover that hits after the holiday season?

Segment 4:

Medical Mania Trivia – 1:40-Ronald Erickson

  1. What part of the brain is responsible for decision making? A. Prefrontal cortex B. Pituitary gland C. Decisive gland D. Thorodax (A: A. Prefrontal cortex)
  2. True or False. Neuropathy is a pain disorder.  (A: False, nerve disorder)
  3. What is cardiomegaly? A. Heart attack B. Heart disease C. Originating in the heart D. Enlarged heart (A: D. Enlarged heart)
  4. True or False. There are only 3 different blood types. (A: False, 4- A, B, AB, O)
  5. If you are nearsighted you are unable to see ___________. (A: Far away)


LAST WEEKS RIDDLE WAS: You can carry it everywhere you go, and it does not get heavy. What is it? Answer: Your Name

This week’s riddle: You are awoken to the sound of your doorbell at 7:00am.  It’s your parents showing up for an early breakfast.  You have milk, jam, eggs, and butter in your fridge.  What do you open first?

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